­What is toilet paper made of?

Most of us cannot imagine life without toilet paper, but this product is relatively young and appeared in the homes of Ukrainians in 1969. On average, a Ukrainian uses 4.5 kg of sanitary-hygienic paper per year, this includes not only toilet paper but also for cosmetic or household use.

Toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins are the products that must be clean and hygienic. They are made from waste paper cleaned by a specific method, which makes them soft, voluminous, with high absorption quality. Toilet paper differs from ordinary paper in that it is creped. This is a process where the paper is dried on a cylinder and then scraped off with a metal blade, bending it slightly. This softens the paper and makes it thin enough to dissolve quickly in water.

What is Kokhavynka toilet paper made of?

One could say that we flush world masterpieces of literature down the drain every day. There is some truth in this because toilet paper is produced from waste paper, which includes books, newspapers, magazines, campaign leaflets, brochures, and textbooks. Every day, the production of the Kokhavyno Paper Mill processes 150 tons of waste paper. Among the piles of unwanted paper, banknotes may sometimes get lost, but this material is not suitable for making toilet paper. How exactly is toilet paper made from a pile of old paper? Let’s figure it out together.

The stages of toilet paper production: from waste paper to soft roll

The production of toilet paper and other paper products for household purposes is a rather complex and painstaking process, which is carried out in several stages:

  1. The raw material is delivered to the company’s warehouse and undergoes laboratory testing for suitability.

  2. Waste paper is loaded into a hydro pulper – a machine for dissolving cardboard and paper into fibers.

  3. The obtained material is filtered to remove foreign objects such as foil, wires, cellophane, and others.

  4. The paper fiber is turned into waste paper mass, which is cleaned in several stages and enters the thickener.

  5. Next, the waste paper mass is cleaned of impurities of chalk and paint.

  6. To give toilet paper different colors, safe green or pink dyes are used.

  7. The completely clean mass is poured onto the so-called “endless wire” and the dehydration process takes place. The water falls into the wire, and the fiber goes on.

  8. With the help of a vacuum, the fiber is detached from the wire and sticks to the forming fabric, so the paper is formed and enters the press part.

  9. In a special drum with a temperature of up to 180 degrees and hot steam inside, the paper gradually dries.

  10. The paper is then removed from the cylinder and wound into a roll 2 meters long.

  11. The last stage is to cut the long rolls of toilet paper into the usual-sized consumer pieces.

  12. Ready rolls of toilet paper with a diameter of 90 millimeters, in which 55 meters are wound, are sent to the warehouse of finished products, from where they will be sent to the consumer.

Kokhavynka toilet paper – with care for the hygiene of each consumer

JSC “Kokhavyno Paper Mill” is concerned about the environment, so it uses recycled paper for the production of toilet paper. The raw material undergoes a deep cleaning and is treated with hot steam, the temperature of which reaches 179 degrees. Laboratory tests are also carried out at all stages of production, which makes toilet paper safe for use in offices, shopping malls, medical and educational institutions. You can buy toilet paper wholesale by contacting the sales department at the phone number in the Contacts section.