Purchase of raw materials

JSC “Kokhavyn Paper Factory” manufactures products based on waste paper. Waste paper is accepted in accordance with the requirements of DSTU:3500:2019. We buy waste paper practically in Ukraine, as well as in Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and Poland. The monthly requirement is 300 tons.

By handing over waste paper for recycling, we all together protect nature, a place for us and our children to live.


In order to ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of the CHP, JSC “Kokhavyn Paper Mill” uses fuel chips of various types of wood raw materials. We also use soft-leaved and softwood firewood for our own chipper. The monthly need for firewood is 400 m³. The quality of the chips must meet the current standards of DSTU EN 14774 – 1-3:2013. GOST R 54211-2010 – determination of humidity: DSTU – P CEN/TS 14775: 2012, GOST R 54185 – 2010 determination of ash, and specifications for the Agreement. The quality of fuel wood must comply with the TUU -00994207-005:2018 standard. The monthly requirement of fuel chips is 1400 m³.