Types of Kokhavynka toilet paper

Kokhavyno Paper Mill produces 6 types of toilet paper of different sizes, colors, and application areas: for household use, hotel and restaurant business, public places, medical facilities, educational institutions, and enterprises.

Kokhavynka Economical


Made from recycled materials with perforation, “Kokhavynka Economical” delicately cares for hygiene. The single-layer gray-colored toilet paper absorbs liquid well, does not cause allergic reactions, dissolves easily in water, and has an affordable price.With its design without a tube, “Kokhavynka Economical” is economical in use, making it suitable for high-traffic locations such as public places, medical facilities, entertainment and shopping centers, and others.

Kokhavynka Antiseptic


Pink toilet paper with the imprint “Kokhavynka Antiseptic” is made to gently and carefully care for personal hygiene. Advanced technology with the use of antiseptic during production improves the microbiological indicators of the paper.”Kokhavynka Antiseptic” has no fragrance and does not cause allergic reactions. The toilet paper is made from recycled environmentally friendly materials and dissolves easily in water.

Kokhavynka Classic


Made from recycled materials with embossing, “Kokhavynka classic” became a bestseller among the assortment of the Kohavyno Paper Mill. Millions of Ukrainian families have been using this toilet paper in their households for over 50 years. It delicately and gently cares for hygiene without causing irritation or allergies. With its dense and smooth texture, “Kokhavynka Classic” toilet paper absorbs liquid well and quickly dissolves in water.

Kokhavynka Giant


“Kokhavynka Giant” toilet paper is made from environmentally friendly recycled materials. It is soft and absorbs liquids well, it is made with embossing and perforation for more convenient use. With “Kokhavynka Giant,” there’s no need to worry about running out of toilet paper quickly. Its large size with a core provides 900 tear-offs, making it suitable for places with a large flow of people.

Kokhavynka Fun size


Kokhavynka Fun size is a high-quality and economical toilet paper that takes care of delicate hygiene every day. Made from recycled materials, it effectively absorbs liquid and quickly dissolves in water. The paper is quite soft, embossed and perforated for 460 tear-offs, which ensures economical use. It is suitable for various areas of application, including households, public spaces, hospitals, educational institutions, businesses, beauty salons, and other places with an intensive flow of people.

Comfortable personal hygiene care

The toilet paper of “Kokhavyno Paper Mill” is produced for the purpose of comfortable and convenient care of hygiene in everyday use. The product is made from recycled materials with care for nature. You can buy Kokhavynka toilet paper through sales channels and order on the website.