Types of paper towels “Kokhavinka”

Disposable paper towels are a necessary material for various industries of use, such as hotels, cafes and restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, theaters, cinemas, railway stations, bus stations, and airports. They are also used in beauty salons, hair salons, and barbershops.

When choosing a paper towel, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Absorption capacity. It depends on the texture and density of the paper. Any towel can handle a small amount of moisture, for better absorption it is better to use 2-3 layered towels.

  2. Size. It is better to choose the appropriate size for each area of use. Small towels are suitable for hands and face, medium-sized towels work well for the beauty sphere, and large towels are ideal for industrial kitchens.

  3. Laying options. The assortment of Kokhavinka includes individual and rolled towels. It is better to use individual ones in the hotel and restaurant business, and roll ones for public places with a high flow of people.

Paper towel on a tube

Made from environmentally friendly raw materials, the 520-tear roll absorbs liquid well and does not leave lint on the body or surfaces. The towel is made with embossing and perforation, which significantly reduces its costs. The roll format on the tube is convenient for daily use in everyday life, public places, and professional activities.

Kokhavinka Industrial

“Kohavinka industrial” paper towel is a strong single-layer paper towel made from recycled materials. It has a high level of absorbency and a wide format for use in professional activities (HoReCa) and in industrial enterprises. It effectively absorbs oils and moisture. The towel is embossed and perforated for economical use.

Kokhavinka paper towel

The roll paper towel with a tube, made from recycled materials, has a strong structure and a high level of absorbency. It does not cause allergic reactions and leaves no traces on surfaces. Embossed and perforated for easy tear-off. Formats of 600 or 1050 tears allow economical use of the towel both for professional (HoReCa) and home use.

Blue single-sheet paper towel

Disposable paper towel, made from environmentally friendly recycled materials, absorbs moisture well, does not fall apart, and leaves no particles on surfaces. It has a gentle surface and is easy to use. Performs tasks in the professional sphere (HoReCa) and domestic use. You can choose a format for 120 or 200 sheets, depending on the intensity of use.

Grey single-sheet paper towel

Gray paper towel made from recycled materials absorbs liquid well and effectively cleans surfaces, including fat. It does not cause allergies, has no odor, and does not leave lint on surfaces or dishes. Suitable for quick hand wiping and liquid absorption in professional or home kitchens. Paper decomposes quickly, with care for the environment.

White single-sheet paper towel

A white paper towel made from recycled materials with embossing is an indispensable assistant in various spheres of professional activity for absorbing liquid and drying hands. Strong and at the same time delicate, paper towel “Kokhavinka” effectively copes with tasks and has an aesthetic appearance. The towel decomposes quickly without polluting the environment.