The role of paper towels in sports: Hygiene and comfort during training

Paper towels are a simple but important element of everyday life. They have found their place in the kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, school, hotels, medical facilities, as well as in recreational and sports facilities. In the gym, the availability of paper towels is especially important. Since the issue of hygiene, comfort, and health preservation during heavy physical exercises is extremely important. 


Personal hygiene during training

Gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, and spas are places that are visited by hundreds of people every day. Maintaining hygiene and sanitary standards in such places is extremely important because germs and bacteria can spread quickly through the general use of exercise machines, sports equipment, and the facility itself. How the Kokhavinka paper towels can help?

  1. Removing sweat during workouts: Intense physical activities lead to significant sweating. Paper towels help quickly and effectively remove sweat and bacteria that can be stored on equipment after a workout, thereby reducing the risk of spreading infection.
  2. Cleaning the equipment: Using paper towels with disinfectants allows you to clean the equipment after each use. This is important in public gyms where many people share the same equipment throughout the day. This practice becomes especially important during cold and flu seasons or during epidemics.
  3. Personal hygiene: Paper towels can also be used for personal hygiene, including wiping your hands before and after exercise, wiping sweat from your face during exercise, or even as a disposable sheet for gym seats to help prevent contact with bacteria from previous users.
  4. Reducing the risk of disease transmission: Compared to traditional cloth towels, which are reused and can harbor bacteria for a long time, paper towels are used once and then disposed of, which greatly reduces the risk of contracting diseases.

Paper towels play an important role in maintaining hygiene in the gym, and providing a safe environment for visitors. The Kokhavinka paper towel on a roll – soft and gentle to the touch, can be placed in the dispenser next to the exercise machines.

Confidence and comfort during training

Anyone who is involved in sports or fitness knows that intense sweating is a natural part of the process during training. While it’s a natural response, it can lead to discomfort. Paper towels help remove sweat quickly and efficiently, ensuring a comfortable and productive workout.

Apart from the obvious advantages of using paper towels, they have excellent absorbent properties, they are odorless, and they do not typically trigger allergic reactions. They leave no residue on clothing, body, or equipment and are easily disposed of with minimal impact on the environment.


Paper towels have become an important part of the sports space, contributing to the maintenance of hygiene, comfort, and preservation of health. They create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all visitors to sports facilities, increasing customer loyalty.