Paper towels and napkins in cooking: Use, convenience and simplicity for the kitchen

Set aside your assumptions that the primary purpose of paper towels and napkins is only for wiping hands or face. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that these affordable and convenient items are being used in more and more areas of modern life, including gastronomy.

Where can I use paper towels?

Surface cleaning


Paper towels are indispensable for the quick and effective removal of dirt, dust, food leftovers, and moisture. This not only helps to keep the kitchen clean but also ensures safety by preventing the spread of bacteria that can appear on leftover food. A convenient option is paper towels on a roll, which can be placed on the kitchen table.

Using paper towels to dry surfaces and dishes is also very important. Due to the high degree of absorption, Kokhavinka sheet paper towels effectively and quickly absorb moisture, allowing you to immediately move on to the next stage of cooking.


Cooking meals

Fresh vegetables and meat often contain a high percentage of water. By using sheet paper towels to dry these products before cooking, excess moisture is removed, which contributes to more efficient cooking.


Dry products absorb marinades and spices much better. This means that your dishes will have a more intense flavor, as marinades and spices penetrate deeper into the structure of the product, rather than being washed away by water on the surface.


Drying products before cooking also helps prevent excessive moisture evaporation during cooking. When products are too wet, water evaporates, which ultimately reduces the temperature and, as a result, increases the cooking time.


Paper towels help when it comes to cooking dishes that require a deep fryer. When cooking in a large amount of oil, the food often absorbs excess fat.

After cooking, simply place the dish on a paper towel. It will quickly absorb excess oil, making food less greasy. This simple step can significantly improve the taste of the finished dish, making it lighter and more appetizing.


Personal Care

Paper towels provide a high level of hygiene, as they are disposable and can be thrown away immediately after use. This helps reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and other microorganisms. They are light, can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen, and are always ready for use.

Do you need paper napkins in the kitchen?

Paper napkins play a key role in presenting dishes. Whether it’s sandwiches, pastries, or any other dishes, paper napkins can serve as a protective layer between the food and the plate. They help maintain the shape of the dish and facilitate its presentation.

Moreover, paper napkins can significantly enhance the aesthetic appearance of a festive table, adding elegance and colorful accents.


Regardless of the role they play in your kitchen, it’s important to choose paper towels and napkins with consideration for their ecological impact. Try to choose products made from recycled materials or more durable options such as cotton towels that can be washed and reused.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a simple, convenient, and effective way to increase productivity in the kitchen, don’t forget paper towels and napkins. They can prove to be much more useful than you might think and can help you improve your cooking skills.