How to properly wash windows without streaks?

Clean and shiny windows are what make your home bright and welcoming. However, achieving high-quality window cleaning, especially without streaks, can be a difficult task. How to make the windows shine and not get worse after washing? This article will answer that question.

Preparation for cleaning

Remove everything from the windowsill area. Clear away dust and cobwebs from the window frame and glass. These initial steps will help prevent dirty streaks during cleaning. To get the best result, prepare the necessary tools and materials: 


  1. Clean water: Water is the primary element for window cleaning. If possible, use distilled or filtered water to avoid traces of lime or other minerals that may remain on the glass. It is better to use warm water because it is more effective in removing grease and dirt. 
  2. Window cleaner: You can use a window cleaner from the store or make your own. You can make a homemade cleaner by mixing 1 part vinegar with 10 parts water. Vinegar is a natural remedy that works well in removing dirt and grease.
  3. Sponge or cleaning mop: These are tools that help apply the cleaning solution to the window and wipe it.
  4. Paper towels: Paper towels are an essential tool for wiping down windows without streaks. They absorb moisture effectively without leaving lint or traces on the glass. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for achieving a shiny and clean window appearance.
  5. Rubber scraper: A rubber sсrapper helps to quickly and effectively remove dirt and water from the window. It is extremely useful for large windows where it can be difficult to achieve even water removal with just a sponge or towel.

How does the cleaning process take place?

Apply window cleaner to a sponge or mop and rinse the glass thoroughly.

Try to go over all the corners and folds carefully to make sure you haven’t missed any areas.


Use a rubber scraper to remove the foam and dirt from the window.

Start from the top of the window and move downwards with vertical motions. A rubber scraper allows you to quickly and effectively remove most of the water and dirt from the glass surface.


After you have removed most of the water and dirt, wipe the window with a paper towel. It is best to do this when the window is still damp, but not wet. The Kokhavinka paper towel on a roll – is an excellent choice for this stage, as it doesn’t leave lint or streaks on the glass. Thanks to the high absorbency of the paper towel, the cleaning process becomes quick and convenient. Wipe from different angles to avoid blurring.


After using the paper towels, check the window for any streaks. If some of them remain, you can remove them by wiping them with an additional dry towel. This way, you’ll ensure a perfectly clean and shiny glass surface.


Do not forget to clean the window frame. To do this, use a lint-free cloth and detergent. This will not only remove dirt and dust but also add a finished clean look to your window.


Additional recommendations

Remember that it’s best to clean windows on cloudy days or when there’s shade. In sunny weather, the washing liquid will evaporate quickly and leave streaks, which will increase the time for washing the windows. Use paper towels, they make it possible to avoid streaks and provide a shiny window quickly and without extra effort.